Alpina Cooler Basket 48x28x24cm 25L



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About this item

  • COOLING - With this cooling bag you can keep your drinks cool even longer. It is always refreshing to cool down with a delicious cold drink after a long walk or hard effort.
  • HANDY TO USE - The cooler bag is easy to use and has a handle. This makes it easy to lift the bag to take with you. The bag can be closed with a zip.
  • INHOLIDATION - The bag has a capacity of approximately 25 litres, which gives you enough space to carry sufficient water or other drinks. The bag is 48 cm long, 28 cm wide and 24 cm high.
  • DAY OUT - Alpina provides you with products that are ideal for when you go out with your family. Handy when you go to the beach to relax or enjoy an amusement park or a walk in the woods.
  • ALPINA - Known for its various products for in and around the house. But also articles for when you are on the go, alpina has everything to make your day more pleasant and easy.