Grundig Insect Killer/Solar 13x18,5cm 1xWhite 1xPurple LED 600mAh



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About this item

  • DOUBLE FUNCTION : This 2-in-1 solar lamp serves as both mood lighting and an insect killer. Enjoy white light for ambiance or switch to blue UV light to eliminate mosquitoes. The internal grid protects the distribution system, providing effective and chemical-free extermination.
  • SOLAR-POWERED : The lamp features a rechargeable battery that charges using sunlight. Place the lamp where it can receive maximum sunlight during the day, eliminating the need for additional connections. LED lamps ensure energy efficiency, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • VERSATILE USAGE : Use the lamp as a standing lamp with its base, perfect for placing on garden tables. Alternatively, hang it using the handle for convenient placement. The friendly shape and traditional lantern design add charm to your outdoor space. The lamp measures approximately 18 cm in height and 13 cm in diameter.
  • PLEASANT AND ODORLESS : With its toxin-free and gas-free operation, this lamp provides a pleasant user experience. It kills mosquitoes without the use of chemicals, ensuring a safe and odorless environment. Enjoy the benefits of insect control without compromising comfort.
  • CONVENIENT AND ADJUSTABLE : With its dual functionality and solar power, this lamp offers convenience and flexibility. Easily switch between mood lighting and insect-killing mode, adapting to your needs. Embrace the freedom of placing the lamp wherever desired, enhancing your outdoor area.